Become a Sarasota Lions partner the Lions have been a professional basketball team now for the past 6 years starting back in 2018
 With our partnership/Sponsorship programs we can work with local and national entities that are looking to partner response a program with such a reach within the communities and within the nation sponsoring partnering with the Sarasota lions only help increase your reach your base and your footprint in the communities.We appreciate the efforts and contributions of our partners. Please visit their websites to view their amazing products or services. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us to find out more Become a partner today!
With many different ways to get involved we have something that will benefit all partners. 
 - Digital partnerships
 - in game advertisement 
 - community involvement 
 - promotion And more…
Options like 
Banners (standing banners), Lions shirts (small company logo 3x3)
company shirts, table at a game, game program placement ¼ page ,½ page , full page, seat cushions, shooting shirt placement, jersey logo placement
commercial (30 seconds), (1 minute), website logo placement, website ad/link 
invite to owners meeting, logo on live stream 20 games, half time brought to you by, just to name a few.
Sent you info in and one of our representatives will reach our to you quickly!
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