Meet The Sarasota Lions Pro Basketball Team 
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Terrell Wilson
A 5’10 Guard
One of the best around the basket finishers. Explosive athleticism, really fast and a great defender. He is a video game scorer. 
Zacart Brent 
A 6’0 guard 
A phenomenal shooter and defender, furious with his aggression on defense pickpocket a overall great score you let him get hot and fire or rain all over the court!
Anthony Likai
A 6’6 guard/forward
With crazy explosive athleticism good
And a great on ball defender Willie is 
A one of a kind athlete
Antwan bradley
A 6’0 guard 
A great shooter knock down shooter. And a good on ball defender.
Tim Hagen
A 6’1 guard
A great ball handlers fast up and down the court. Great shoot with a hot streak and good on ball defender.
Jordan Green
A 6’4 guard
A great shooter and ball handler. Extremely athletic and a great on ball defender.
Cy’Kobe Johnson
6’1 Guard
A high basketball IQ and good shooter great team player.
Nico Abreyta
5’7 Guard
A high IQ point guard great passer and defender… also a good shooter 
Demaris McNeil
6’7 Forward
A great post player strong around the rim on both ends a great defender and protector of the defensive end
Jalen Smith 
5’8 Guard
Great shooter and on ball defender aggressive on and off the ball.
Kaleb Gilbert
5’10 Guard
A great communicator team player a great shoot and on ball defender a vocal team player.
KJ Robinson
6’6 Guard 
A good team player very vocal a good slasher and good defender
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