Welcome to the Gulf Coast Sports Group collaboration with Sarasota Lions & Pure Passion Sports Youth development program.

AAU Program 
The Lions Aau program was developed to help our youth in our communities develop as players and youth men. Helping them learn on the court skills team work and a basketball mind, appreciating each other so they will learn to respect others in the communities. Our teams travel in partake in high end tournaments and circuit play in front of college coaches as well as other. We offer teams and training for all ages 5th & up as well as girls and boys teams. All of our athletes receive training and mentoring from professional players as well as athletes
Basketball Circuit/Pro Travel
The Sarasota Lions are apart of a professional basketball league called the SBA (Sunbelt Basketball Association) and our youth program Pure Passion Sports. With these groups we build a youth basketball circuit with in the state of Florida and outside the state as well. So our youth teams will travel and play in these tournaments within this circuit as well as the aau tournaments. The youth teams will also get to travel with the pro basketball team as well and play against the jr. Program for every team within the SBA and then get to be apart of a professional basketball game right after seeing their mentors in action.
Our sports training program focuses on athlete skill development on and off the court/field. Our pro coaches and training as well as the pro players to help with the development of our youth help our young athletes to see some of the individuals and places they can aspire to be or achieve. The training will consist of training the mind and understanding of the skills they will be implementing through each workout. Our pro players will be there along the way mentoring them guiding them helping them on and off the court. Showing up and supporting our youth no matter the accomplishments on the court/field or in life. 
Youth Basketball League
Age groups 
5-11, 12-14, 15-18 
The Sarasota Lions in partnership with Gulf Coast Sports Group & Pure Passion Sports have put together a in house basketball league and a so to be active flag football league for our youth. These league will accommodate both boys and girls through one of our partnering youth facilities. We will bring the pro experience to our youth in a fun and new way to show our young athletes/individuals that we appreciate them. The skill training will lead right into the youth leagues where we give you a safe and fun environment to use what you have learn in game situations while receiving instruction as well as guidance along the way. Everyone learns different and we take that into consideration and apply that process to our youth. The best part is the pros will be your coaches refs announcers and more… This will be a great experience for all ages boys and girls alike.
The SBA Play 90 program is a fun interactive program put together to get kids up and active for 90 minutes a day. The pro players are running this program going into different communities facilities and running this for a 2 hour period with different games some such as basket dodgeball, and connect 4 hoops. We will have team swag to give away as well as prizes. All apart of this we will offer information to the facilities and parents about another program our financial literacy program. This program is focused and structure round teaching our youth the importance of banking finance credit and more. We will accomplish this with fun interactive situations games and real life experiences like, banking, fake money, budgeting, credit cards, and much more… to help our young individuals and athletes be better prepare to enter the world as young adults when its their time.
College Prep and College Tours
For the college tours aspect of our youth program we strong wish to assist our young mentees athletes and non athletes alike in understanding what the college atmosphere is like. With our mentoring and circuit programs we offer our college tour piece as they travel with the pro team not only will they get to play in a game and see a pro basketball game, they will also get to go on college tours of schools in the areas we travel to see understand as well as experience a little college life. We have also put together a strong team of individuals that will help and assist with our college prep program. Making sure they understand what is needed to get into college as well as the step necessary to get there. All the while guiding them assisting and preparing them. 
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